Communities Working in Partnership to Conserve and Protect the Lower Appomattox River

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Your support will help FOLAR improve river ecology, protect special places, and promote outdoor connections and education.


$500,000 Challenge

Historic Appomattox Riverside-Ferndale Park



Developing the regional Appomattox River Trail greenway-blueway to positively impact public health, safety, and community prosperity for all.


FIND YOUR ADVENTURE along the Appomattox River.   Click here to visit the Best Part of Virginia!


What if you could make one investment in your community that simultaneously, attracts new jobs & employees, generates more sales for local businesses, & increases home values? What if that investment also increases civic engagement, encourages neighbors to get to know each other, & improves public health & environmental conservation at the same time?

Such an investment exists, it’s called the Appomattox River Trail Greenway-Blueway

A path to learning, conservation, wellness and prosperity

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View the Virginia Scenic Rivers Program 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Scenic Appomattox River

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What you can do to take care of your river



Access closed while improvements are made to University Boulevard Trailhead in Petersburg

In partnership with the City of Petersburg, the Friends of the Lower Appomattox River is proud to announce trail improvements and a NEW river overlook along the Appomattox River on the west side of University Boulevard, just south of Campbell’s Bridge in Petersburg.

A SECTION OF THE #APPOMATTOXRIVERTRAIL – FROM UNIVERSITY BOULEVARD TO THE BATTERSEA BRIDGES – WILL BE CLOSED DURING CONSTRUCTION PROCESS, approximately 90 days, through to early September 2021. The project will preserve a section of historic stone abutment near the bridge and is designed to upgrade the current trail surface for accessibility and maintenance, increase the comfort and visibility of the trailhead, and help protect the Appomattox River’s water quality and natural habitats by maintaining the natural buffers along the shoreline.

The improvements are being funded by FOLAR through the generous support of The Mary Morton Parson Foundation, The Cameron Foundation, Virginia American Water, Vulcan Materials, and many contributors throughout the community. We are thankful for our community partners, donors, and members who support the work of FOLAR to complete the 25-mile long bicycle-pedestrian Appomattox River Trail for our communities!

For more information about this project, please contact Heather Barrar, FOLAR Regional Trails Program Director at or at (804) 512-4486.

Safety First – Physical Distancing

The National Recreation and Parks Association provides guidelines for safe distancing when in parks or on trails.


Restrictions and guidelines are different in various regions around the country, depending on how severe the coronavirus COVID-12 outbreak is – for now, in our region, WE CAN GO OUTDOORS for a walk, run, or bike-ride. Be sure to practice “physical distancing” and self-responsibility. Check local government websites for closings and/or restrictions at each site. 


The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is a changing situation. For the most up-to-date information, check resources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) regularly.

LEAVE NO TRASH. When you go, bring a suitable trash bag to take everything out. This protects park workers and helps keep our parks, trails, and river clean, green, and pristine.


We are very fortunate that the Appomattox River Trail provides nearby, beautiful, accessible locationsCLICK HERE to see where they are.

USGS Water Data

Pulling the canoe or kayak out this weekend? Get Real Time Water Data for the Appomattox River and other local bodies of water with USGS Water Data for the Nation.


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