Writing the Land: Virginia (PRE-ORDER)



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New for 2024, a special edition of Writing the Land: Virginia has just been released. It features a captivating chapter of poems by Gwyn R.C. Moses, who beautifully weaves verses with photos and illustrations that echo the beauty, wonder, and fragility of the Appomattox River Blueway-Greenway. This anthology features stunning works including photos by Siddharth Kumar and Ken Newman, and illustrations by our very own Elise Neuscheler!

This inspiring anthology is a collection of poetry about conserved lands held by a land conservation organization or Tribes across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each of 12 chapters celebrates the beauty and value of conserved lands of all kinds including public wildlife management areas, conservation easements, city and riverside trails and park systems, and shoreline farms. Readers will enjoy exploration of these diverse lands through this poetry and art.

Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR) is excited to be a part of this year’s edition of Writing the Land: Virginia alongside our regional and statewide conservation partners and friends. Dive in with our poet, Gwyn R.C. Moses, for a trip down the Appomattox River as she uncovers life within and around the river.


This poetry anthology is published by NatureCulture, LLC.