Communities Working in Partnership to Conserve and Protect the Lower Appomattox River

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The lower Appomattox River – A Virginia Scenic River

CELEBRATE RIVERS – 50TH Anniversary of Virginia Scenic River Program

Rivers support life, carry life, and above all make life possible for all living things. In our community, we are so fortunate to have the Appomattox River nearby! Our communities rely on the Appomattox River for drinking water and recreational activities. For plants and animals, it serves as a home where they can grow, reproduce and thrive.


Situated in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and a major tributary of the James River, the Appomattox River is a source of drinking water for the surrounding communities and the corridor falls within the priority area of the Governor of Virginia’s Conserve Virginia strategy which identifies land having the highest conservation value for the state.


The lower portion flows in an easterly direction across the Piedmont and Coastal Plain of south central Virginia from the Brasfield Dam at Lake Chesdin to its confluence with the James River in Hopewell. It meanders through six jurisdictions: the Counties of Chesterfield, Dinwiddie and Prince George, and the Cities of Colonial Heights, Hopewell and Petersburg; and is a valuable resource for commerce, industry, farming and recreation.


The lower Appomattox is part of the Atlantic Flyway and the Coastal Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail. The Appomattox also provides nesting, feeding and stop-over grounds for migrating birds and waterfowl. Wildlife that inhabits the river corridor of the lower Appomattox include beavers, muskrats and deer as well as song birds, herons, wood ducks and eagles.


However, like too many rivers, our river is victim to years of significant development and pollution. During this time of giving tribute to scenic rivers, take time to go out to your nearby Appomattox River to enjoy and think about what you can do to help ensure that it stays clean and healthy for generations to come.

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