Communities Working in Partnership to Conserve and Protect the Lower Appomattox River

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Resolutions of Support of the Appomattox River Trail


… hereby supports the Appomattox River Trail Master Plan and Signage Plan and commends the visionary approach of past planning efforts.

This commitment is expressed in each of the resolutions FOLAR has received from the six localities in our service district – the cities of Colonial Heights, Hopewell, and
Petersburg and the counties of Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, and Prince George – as well as resolutions and letters of support from major partners like the Crater Planning District Commission, Fort Lee, Virginia Gateway Region Economic Development Organization, the National Park Service, and the Appomattox River Soil and Water Conservation District.

FOLAR worked with the leadership of each of these jurisdictions and organizations through the year to craft the resolution or letter of support stating the significance of the Appomattox River to our region and supporting the implementation of the Appomattox River Trail Master Plan. These documents were presented to the governing bodies, voted upon and placed in the official record.

FOLAR has served in the role of championing and strengthening the region’s vision for the Appomattox River and the Appomattox River Trail for 20 years. The signatures on each of the resolutions are the commitment to that regional vision – where the Appomattox River is protected and enjoyed by everyone, where communities are connected by a trail along the river and everyone can safely bike or walk, and where the river and trail bring opportunities for prosperity and wellness. FOLAR is committed to making this vision a reality in partnership our communities and partners.

Resolutions and Letters of Support to FOLAR for the Appomattox River Trail:

City of Colonial Heights

City of Hopewell

City of Petersburg

County of Chesterfield

County of Dinwiddie

County of Prince George

Crater Planning District Commission

Virginia State University

Virginia Gateway Region Economic Development Organization

Fort Lee Virginia Army Military Command

National Park Service

Appomattox River Soil and Water Conservation District

You can show your commitment and support by making a donation to FOLAR and becoming a member.