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Neighborhood Trail Access Planning, Symbols and Signage


Through a grant from the Crater Health District (CHD) under the Virginia Department of Health,  FOLAR has been able to expand the the scope of the Appomattox River Trail planning project to include more engagement with Hopewell and Petersburg residents and stakeholders in order to help provide increased opportunities for residents to add more physical activity into their daily routines.

From three initial community meetings, specific neighborhoods in Hopewell and Petersburg were identified to be part of a pilot program that focuses on recommendations for neighborhood walking routes and signage design that will help guide pedestrians to the Appomattox River Trail (ART).  

The neighborhood route maps are included as part of the ART Master Plan Part I. The Petersburg information and map is on pages 44-45. The Hopewell information and map is on pages 55-56.   [See MASTER PLAN]

The draft Neighborhood Access Signage Plan is a separate document that provides details on symbol and signage design, sign-types and placement along the routes. As part of the CHD grant, an initial, limited number of the planned signs will be produced. [See DRAFT NEIGHBORHOOD PLAN]

FOLAR is hosting two community meetings in June to present findings and receive public input into recommendations for the neighborhood access routes and signage design that will help guide pedestrians to the Appomattox River Trail (ART).

The community is invited to these meeting dates, times and locations:

PETERSBURG – Wednesday, June 21st, 3:30 – 7:00PM, Open House at Pathways, 1200 W. Washington St. Petersburg, VA 23803

HOPEWELL, Monday, June 26th, 5:30 – 7:00PM, Open House at the Appomattox Regional Library, 209 E. Cawson St., Hopewell, VA 23860

Two agencies, Land Planning & Design Associates and AB Design, will help facilitate the public meetings. These same two agencies developed the overall ART Master Plan which was released in March of this year.

The Crater Health District works to foster healthy communities through disease prevention & control, health promotion, environmental protection and emergency preparedness & response.

FOLAR works in partnership with communities to conserve and protect the Appomattox River for all to enjoy.

For more information contact Wendy Austin at contactus@folar-va.org

Watch out for Poison Ivy

Leaflets of Three- Let Them Be!!!

A very important article was posted recently about a Duke study that poison ivy is thriving this summer and that its allergic toxin, urushoil is becoming three times as potent as before due to excess carbon in the atmosphere. So when out along the trails be aware of wear you and your kids are walking to avoid poison ivy contact.!!!

Appomattox Scenic River Designation

The entire 23 miles of the Appomattox River from Lake Chesdin in Chesterfield County, VA to the convergence with the James River at historic City Point in Hopewell, VA received Scenic River Designation by the Virginia General Assembly in 2011.

View a video from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation on the Scenic River Designation Process  https://youtu.be/qNKeXPiGvTo