Collective Impact on the Appomattox River

COLLECTIVE IMPACT ON THE APPOMATTOX RIVER coordinated by FOLAR and the Crater PDC with the help of a team of facilitators led by Dr. Frank Dukes from the University of Virginia Institute for Engagement & Negotiation and with funding from the Virginia Department of Forestry Urban & Community Grant Program.

Our Collective Impact work applies the elements of equitable collaboration and use the core characteristics of Collective Impact: 1) Common Agenda, 2) Mutually Reinforcing Activities, 3) Shared Measurement, and 3) Continuous Communication.  The proposed common agenda focus is ensuring the river/trail is protecting and enhancing the environment to positively impact public safety, health outcomes, and community prosperity for all.
Participants worked together in small group to make the connection to community wellness and prosperity of the Appomattox River Trail project. The groups rotated through focus areas of 1) Public Safety, 2) Health and Recreation, 3) Land Conservation and Environment, and 4) Sustainability and Educational Programming.  The discussions identified strengths; problems and causes; goals and strategies; and resources within each focus area.
The FOLAR organization is ideally positioned to serve as the backbone organization. Over the lifetime of the mission, the backbone organization:

o Guides vision and strategy
o Supports aligned activities
o Establishes shared measurement practices
o Builds public will
o Advances policy
o Mobilizes funding

RESOURCE DOCUMENTS from the State of the Trail-Collective Impact convening:

>Meeting Participant List

>Pre-meeting Survey Summary

>State of the Trail Update Sumary

>State of the Trail Progress Map

>Collective Impact and Equitable Collaboration

>Collective Impact Summary – Workgroup Flip Chart Notes



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