Communities Working in Partnership to Conserve and Protect the Lower Appomattox River

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NEW Trail Count Report Available

FOLAR just published our first ever trail count report for 8 sites along the entire Appomattox River Trail. Can you guess which are most popular? Read the report to find out!

Download a PDF of the 2020 Trail Count Report

This report will be produced by FOLAR annually to track trail use and analyze trends.  Developing the Appomattox River Trail is a regional effort that will take many years to complete.  It is the community’s vision to develop this world class trail, and it will take many partners, including private, public and nonprofit, coming together to bring the vision alive.  Efforts like this trail count report show the importance of this infrastructure to our community. The members and staff of FOLAR sincerely thank the volunteers who put in countless hours on the trail and at the computer to make this program possible. FOLAR relies on volunteers to conduct trail counts twice a year, in addition to our automated counters. Want to help?

Volunteer Sign-up for Fall Trail Counts on September 16 & 18.